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Books on the Amish

I highly recommend the following books as reading material for those who wish to learn more about the Amish and their unique way of life.

The Gentle People: An Inside View of Amish Life (3rd Edition)
by Joe Wittmer, PhD, Black Buggy Publishers (877-712-8449)
COMMENTS: Dr. Joe was born Amish and moved to the English way of life - very interesting and informative reading.

Solomon's Touch: The Life and Work of Solomon J. Wickey
by June Naugle, Author House Publishers (800-839-8640)
COMMENTS: Facinating non-fiction written by a follower of Solomon J. Wickey. Well known Old Order Amish who practices as an Iridologist and Master Herbalist. I personally have been a visitor to Solomon's location for several years and have had great success with his methods. He is a well known "Amish Healer" in Auburn, Indiana.

The Amish of Holmes County
Spectrum Publications, Orrville, Ohio 44667 (330-682-2055)
COMMENTS: A compilation of stories from the Old Order Amish community.

Amish Peace: Simple Wisdom for Complicated Lives
by Suzanne Woods Fisher, Revell/Baker Publishers
This book will be released in Autumn 2009
COMMENTS: The Amish Peace book is non-fiction and about 40 true stories of the Amish life, and takeaway value for the English person. There will be 3 other books to follow by the same author.