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Colors and Meanings

Color Significance

Colors had strong significance in Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch barn paintings, the location where Barn Stars first appeared in the 1700's and 1800's.

Colors Available

The following color pallets show the colors currently available for the standard five-point barn stars. The paint selection is available in rustic or solid coverage. The rustic paint coverage consists of a contrasting base coat (usually black or brown) showing the brush strokes at the bends of the star. This gives it a ''distressed'' or rustic appearance. The solid paint coverage consists of coats of paint that cover the wings from edge to edge. This gives the star a ''crisp'' or solid appearance.

The barn hearts are available in all of the color selections with the exception of the Americana flag design and Olde Glory flag design. The Texas flag design is available in the barn hearts. The hearts are available in only solid paint coverage. The painted barn stars and barn hearts have one to three coats of severe weather exterior paint applied to primed metal. Assembly is required on the 32 inch to 120 inch stars but is very simple. You simply place the wings of the stars on top of each other, drop the provided screws into the holes and attach the nuts on the back. Screws and nuts are provided.

Color Pallets



Flag Designs